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It was Pirates vs Pirates at Riverside

Dayton beats Riverside in closely contested game 7-6

Riverside senior Sam Pedro set the pace with excellent pitching and a hot bat during the game. Photo by Terry Aichele

Posted Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | Revised Thursday, May 22, 2008

BOARDMAN-The Riverside Pirates dropped their first round game to Dayton on Tuesday in a highly competitive game that saw Sam Pedro hit two two run home runs.

There were Pirates everywhere Tuesday, May 20 at the Riverside softball field. The Riverside Pirates (11-1 Eastern Oregon Conference, 17-9 overall) hosted the Dayton Pirates (10-4 West Valley Conference, 17-8 overall). It was a warm but blustery day with some clouds moving west to east across the sky as the late afternoon game got underway.

Riverside short stop Caitlin Costello tosses the ball to Shelby Drago for an out during the game on Tuesday. Photo by Terry Aichele

Dayton started off the scoring in the top of the first with Coral Pratt at second base and Jordyn Jacks at the plate. Jacks hit a long fly ball to deep left field which allowed Pratt to score.

Riverside students outside the fence in center field spelled out GO PIRATES. Photo by Terry Aichele

In the bottom of the first with two out Riverside junior Brittney McCullough smacked a double to center field. Riverside senior starting pitcher Sam Pedro went up to the plate next.

Riverside senior Sam Pedro connects on the first of her two home runs in the game. Photo by Terry Aichele

Pedro let loose a powerful swing that sent the ball high into the air. Without the wind blowing as hard as it was the ball may have fallen inside the left field fence. But the strong wind lifted and carried the ball enough that it cleared the fence easily. The two run home run gave the Riverside Pirates a one run lead 1-2.

In the top of the third Dayton had Kayla Jarnagin and Coral Pratt on second and third base when Dani Putnam, the junior starting pitcher, came up to bat. Putnam blasted a hit to left center bringing in Jarnagin and Pratt and giving Dayton a one run lead 3-2.

Riverside's Jordan Mittelsdorf led off the bottom of the third with a grounder to left field. A sac bunt and a strike out brought up Sam Pedro in the fourth spot. In what was almost a replay of her at bat from the first inning. Pedro's second home run went over the center field fence.

Riverside senior Sam Pedro rounds second base after hitting her second home run. Photo by Terry Aichele

A big smile filled Pedro's face as she rounded second base and headed to third on her run around the bases.

Dani Putnam, the junior pitcher for Dayton is upset following the second home run by Sam Pedro. Photo by Terry Aichele

In the top of the fifth Riverside pitcher Sam Pedro was tossed from the game by the home plate umpire. Junior Brittney McCullough came in to take over the circle with two runners on base. Jacks of Dayton connects on a hit to center field driving in two runs. Then Kasey Ringnalda hits towards second base scoring a runner. Then Alina Perez drives a shot over second base driving in another run. When Anikka Brill pops out to Aftan Betsinger to finally end the inning Dayton was ahead 7-4.

Aftan Betsinger connects to keep things going for Riverside. Photo by Terry Aichele

Aftan Betsinger slides into second base safely on a steal. Photo by Terry Aichele

The Riverside PIrates regained their composure and kept the game under control over the balance of the fifth and sixth innings. The bottom of the sixth had sophomore lead off batter Victoria Hernandez get a walk. Next Tamra Tovey layed down a sacrifice bunt advancing courtesy runner Kayla Nelson to second. Shelby Drago hits a grounder to second who fumbles the ball and barely gets the toss to first. Jordan Mittelsdorf gets a walk that loads up the bases. Taylor Kempas takes the count to full, fouls off a pitch before getting ball four for the walk that forces a run.

Shelby Drago then scored on a wild pitch to McCullough. This brings Riverside to within one run at 7-6. The inning ends on a hit to third who throws the runner out at home.

Riverside sophomore Shelby Drago slides home safely. Photo by Terry Aichele

Riverside held Dayton scoreless in the top of the seventh.

Riverside started off the bottom of the seventh with with a bunt by Jennah Mittelsdorf that got her safe to first. Cailin Costello then hit a long ball to right field. Mittelsdorf then stole third. The local crowd began to think that maybe, just maybe the Riverside Pirates might make some magic.

But with two outs in the bottom of the seventh the magic wasn't there. The third out came and the season ended for the Pirates.

Riverside junior Brittney McCullough pitching. Photo by Terry Aichele

Riverside senior right fielder Taylor Kempas comes up with the ball after calling off Jennah Mittelsdorf. Photo by Terry Aichele

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Posted May 20, 2008
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