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Mexican Rodeo took place on June 29

Promociones Colima moves to PBR style judging for the bullriding event

Posted Monday, June 30, 2008
Revised info on event dates July 2, 2008

HERMISTON-One of a series of scheduled Mexican Rodeos took place Sunday, June 29, 2008 at the Farm-City Pro Rodeo Arena at the Umatilla County Fair Grounds. The afternoon and evening event included Tail Show, dancing horses, dancing for the spectators and PBR style scoring in the bullriding event. The temperature was in the high 90s and thunder could occasionally be heard in the distance. At times the wind would kick up some dirt. Overall the afternoon was a ok.

The two go arounds in the bullriding went much like the bullriding event you would see at the Farm City Pro Rodeo or any other standard bullriding competition. The contenders had a tough bunch of stock as only two riders stayed on for the full eight second ride.

The next rodeo produced by Promociones Colima is scheduled for August 17 at the Farm City Pro Rodeo Arena. Other rodeos are scheduled for September 7, September 28, October 5 and the season finale will be on October 26.

For info on the rodeo or tickets you can contact Juan Mendoza at 541-561-7487. Click here for the Promociones Colima MySpace page.

Photos by Terry Aichele

A lot of spectators gravitated to the band stand area and spent the afternoon dancing. Photos by Terry Aichele

There was even some opportunities for kids to take a ride on a horse over the course of the afternoon.Photo by Terry Aichele

The bullriding came late in the afternoon. The Promociones Colima rodeo management have moved away from the traditional Mexican style bullriding to the North American style of bullriding like you would see at PBR event or at local county fair rodeos. The payouts have also increased. Photos by Terry Aichele

The first full 8 second bullride of the day is shown here. Photo by Terry Aichele

Here is the second full 8 second bullride of the day. Photo by Terry Aichele

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Posted June 2, 2008
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