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Afternoon at the Irrigon Watermelon Festival

Saturday July 26 - Some softball, some food and great entertainment

Posted Monday, July 28, 2008

IRRIGON-The Irrigon Watermelon Festival took center stage in area activities on Saturday. The afternoon saw the softball games come to their conclusion and the stage entertainment continued on to a little after 9 p.m. Making my way over to the stage area after the softball games I was able to hear Portland performer Alexa Wiley. Next up was a magician who pulled a bowling ball out of a briefcase. He did a number of other amazing things but the bowling ball bit was interesting because it was what he went through to get to a deck of cards he used for another trick. The live performances came to a conclusion with two very entertainmenting sets by jazz group Too Tall Papa. Then it was on to the community dance. A great way to enjoy a warm summer evening.

You can check out Alexa Wiley's songs on her MySpace page by clicking here.

Look out! Ooops . . . too late

You mix a low sun angle and a line drive to short center field and you end up with this sequence of photos. The center fielder is protecting his eyes when the batter hits a liner back over second base. The fielder didn't really see it until at the last moment but even then he couldn't react fast enough and was hit in the head. He went down immediately and was quickly surrounded by team mates and members of the other team. After several moments he sat up, got his bearings and then stood up ready to finish the game. The batter was given second base after stopping at first when the fielder went down.

Portland singer-songwriter Alexa Wiley in performance

But I'm still wondering how he fit the bowling ball in the briefcase

Too Tall Papa performed two sets of jazz

Photos by Terry Aichele

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Posted June 24, 2008
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