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This sequence of photos shows Riverside forward battling to score a goal with a followup after the first shot misses when it hits the frame of the goal. It also shows the tenetious defense that Grant used to block the followup shot.

Grant Union takes a close match from Riverside 4-3

Grant Union goes 5-0 in conference with Riverside at 5-1 in conference

Posted Sunday October 5, 2008

BOARDMAN - A very sticky defense by Grant Union limited Riverside's scoring opportunities in the match on Saturday afternoon. Even with that pressure from the Prospectors the Pirates had a chance to win it as they increased their offensive pressure. The Prospectors would always have two players teamed on the Pirate with the ball.

The Prospectors scored in the 12th minute of the first half from the right side of the box to take the 1-0 lead.

Riverside came back with a goal in the 20th minute to tie it up at 1-1 on a roller from a crossing shot.

The Prospectors scored in the 25th minute when they were able to get the Riverside goalie out of position and banged a shot in from the middle of the box about 4 meters out to take a 2-1 lead.

In the 26th minute Riverside was given an opportunity to square it when they were given a penalty kick.

The Prospectors came back in the 31st minute with a goal from the left side of the box to take a 3-2 lead. That was the score as the first half came to an end.

Fifteen minutes into the second half the Prospectors shot over the Riverside goalie from the left side of the box about ten meters out. It seemed like a commanding 4-2 lead for the Prospectors at that point.

In the 32-35 minute of the second half Riverside had three chances to score but couldn't get it into the net.

Riverside was able to score in the 36th minute when Riverside number 9 faked the Grant Union goalie and drove the ball into the wide open net. That closed the score to a 4-3 lead for the Prospectors.

Riverside kept up the pressure trying to tie it up in the final minutes of the match but couldn't get the score that they needed. When the final whistle blew the final score was Prospectors win 4-3.

LEFT - An example of the defense lineup that Grant Union used against Riverside. It seemed that every Pirate would be guarded by at least two Prospectors. RIGHT - A Pirate tries to drive towards the goal early in the match.

LEFT - A Riverside player lets loose a shot that ended up being blocked by the goalie. RIGHT - A Riverside player prepares to take a penalty kick. The kick was good to tie the score at 2-2.

LEFT - A Riverside Pirate brings the ball around the right side of the box to try to set up a crossing play. RIGHT - An example of how the Propectors would throw their bodies around to mess up the Pirates passes.

LEFT - The Prospectors stuck to the Pirates like glue. This made it tough for the Pirates to get many open shot opportunities in first half. RIGHT - Another example of how there were always two Prospectors defending any Pirate with the ball.

LEFT - A Pirate gets a shot off under tremendous pressure. RIGHT - A Pirate takes a shot from about ten meters out from the goal.

LEFT - A Pirate makes a break around a Prospector defender. RIGHT - A Pirate takes a shot from waaay out at the top of the box.

A real pile up of players as Pirates try to break through the defenders, and the Prospectors, including the goalie do everything they can to stop any shot getting through.

Photos by Terry Aichele

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Posted September 3, 2008
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