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Bulldog defenders surround a Bend player driving to the basket.

Hermiston Beats Bend

Bulldogs win 51-37

Posted Saturday January 10, 2009

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs defeated the Bend Lava Bears 51-37 Friday night January 9, 2009.

It was a slow starting game with the Dawgs leading 4-2 for the first six minutes of play. That's when Hannah Whitsett hit a three to give Hermiston seven. Bend's Erica Cardwell then hit two freethrows to give Bend six. The score at the end of the first period had Hermiston leading 7-6.

Hermiston came alive in the second period outscoring Bend 20 to 10. Hermiston went to the line regularly in the period with Mary Shae Hays, Mary Teresa Barnett, Marie Pedro, and Hannah Whitsett all hitting freethrows. Whitsett also made two three pointers in the second half of the period. Hermiston held Bend to just four points for the first five minutes of the period taking a 21-10 lead with three minutes to go in the half. Hermiston had a 27-16 lead at halftime.

Scoring for both teams slowed in the third period. Hermiston continued to dominate the play. Hermiston's Kathryn Barnitz had a good period scoring on a layup and an inbound pass. The score at the end of the third was Hermiston 35, Bend 23.

The fourth period got a little wilder when Bend's Lanee Danforth received a technical. Hannah Whitsett had just hit two freethrows a minute earlier and went to the line to make the technicals and one of two freethrows. Then just moments later the Bend bench received a technical. That sent Whitsett to the line again where she made both technicals. In about one minute Whitsett had made seven points all from the freethrow line. Whitsett's accuracy gave Hermiston the 48-35 lead. Bend was unable to score and Barnitz hit a freethrow in the final thirty seconds to give Hermiston the 51-37 win.

LEFT - Mary Shae Hays, left of Hermiston, battles Erica Cardwell of Bend for the basketball early in the game Friday night. RIGHT - Hermiston's Mary Shae Hays attempts to drive between to Lava Bear defenders.

LEFT - Mary Teresa Barnett of Hermiston looks at the basket while being closely defended by Karleigh Taylor of Bend. RIGHT - Mary Teresa Barnett of Hermiston at the freethrow line.

LEFT and RIGHT - Ally McConnell of Bend grabs a rebound while being closely guarded by Courtney Walchli of Hermiston.

LEFT - Kathrynb Barnitz of Hermiston looks for someone to pass to while being closely guarded by Karleigh Taylor of Bend. RIGHT - Players dive to control a loose ball.

LEFT - Mary Shae Hays of Hermiston being closely guarded by Natalie Evers of Bend. RIGHT - Sami Webb of Hermiston bringing the ball down the court.

LEFT - Maloree Moss of Hermiston being closely guarded. RIGHT - Hannah Whitsett hits one of the technical freethrows towards the end of the game. Whitsett made seven freethrows in about one minute's time.

Photos by Terry Aichele

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