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Dustin Osborne of Irrigon takes a shot over Stanfield defenders.

Stanfield defeats Irrigon

Posted Monday January 26, 2009

STANFIELD - The Stanfield Tigers defeated the Irrigon Knights 98-26 on Friday, January 23, 2009. The Tigers controlled both ends of the court throughout the entire game.

Stanfield outscored Irrigon by 13 points in the first period for a 22-9 score.

Stanfield dominated the Knight outscoring them by 24 points in the second period. Knights scoring in the first half included Dustin Osborne and Colton Garrett. Tigers scoring in the first half included Hector Esquivel, Chase Erwert, Robbie Shirley, Mario Madrigal, Tyler Hawkins, Trey Blevins, and Devin Bailey.

Stanfield continued the domination in the second half. Irrigon players scoring in the second half included Jesus Munoz and Dustin Osborne. Stanfield scorers included Quin Grogan, Omar Ibarra, and Stephen Whelan.

LEFT - Dustin Osborne of Irrigon takes a shot over Kameron Watson of stanfield. RIGHT - Players scramble for a loose ball.

LEFT - Players including Jesus Munoz of Irrigon and Chase Erwert of Stanfield scramble to control a loose ball. RIGHT - Hector Esquivel of Stanfield looks for an opening while surrounded by Ivan Estrada and Pat Barron of Irrigon.

LEFT - Omar Ibarra of Stanfield spins around to try to pass by Colton Garrett of Irrigon. RIGHT - Children lined up for a shot for a pop fundraiser at halftime of the game.

LEFT - Dustin Osborne of Irrigon looks for an opening between Mario Madrigal and Kameron Watson of Stanfield. RIGHT - Jesus Munoz of Irrigon dishes off to a trailing teammate while being guarded by Trey Blevins of Stanfield.

Devin Bailey of Stanfield guards Levi Branson of Irrigon.

LEFT - Jade Martinez of Stanfield passes the ball around Amber Cruz of Irrigon. RIGHT - Amber Cruz of Irrigon takes a shot over Stanfield's Alyssa Sobotta.

Photos by Terry Aichele

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