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Umatilla Dancers Present History of Modern Dance

Posted Monday February, 2009

UMATILLA - Two Umatilla High School drama students presented a history of modern dance presentation during halftime of the Nyssa at Umatilla basketball game on Friday, January 30, 2009.

Jacob Galbraith and Curtis Watson are students in John Malgesini's improv drama class at UHS. This is the first time in about twelve years that there is a drama class at UHS.

Galbraith and Watson came up with dance choreography set to popular songs over the past twenty to thirty years or so. Dancing to songs such as Tubthumping, Walk Like An Egyptian, Kung Fu Fighting and the Macarena the two performers had the crowd cheering.

LEFT and RIGHT - Curtis Watson, left, and Jacob Galbraith perform to a song clip of Hadaway's What Is Love. If you're a Will Ferrell fan you know the bit.

LEFT - Jacob Galbraith doing a Kung Fu move. RIGHT - Curtis Watson, left, and Jacob Galbraith walking like Egyptians.

Curtis Watson is reflected in the basketball court at Umatilla High School.

Photos by Terry Aichele

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