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Jace Hendrin of Irrigon in black and gray wrestles Tanner Yarborough of Lakeview in the 140 pound weight class.

Friday action at the District III 2A Wrestling Tournament

First round action

Posted Monday February 23, 2009

IRRIGON - First round action of the OSAA District III 2A Wrestling Tournament took place Friday in Irrigon. Wrestlers from Bonanza, Chiloquin, Culver, Gilchrist, Irrigon, Lakeview, and North Lake took part in the two day tournament.

First day advancing wrestlers results

Justin Bunch Culver Bye, Nicol McGuffee Bonanza Bye, Sam McFarland Lakeview Bye

Rosario Rios Irrigon Bye, Zac Finley Chiloquin Bye, Jesus Jara Bonanza Fall :48 seconds, Jesse Gonzalez Culver Bye, Ashneel Kumar Lakeview Bye

Ryan Kasch Culver Bye, Eric Penaloza Win By Forfeit, Carl Brock Irrigon Bye, Mitch Nelson Culver Bye

Cy Swartzlender Lakeview Bye, Cody Clugston Culver Bye, John Pittman Lakeview Bye, David Badillo Culver Bye

Avery Overton North Lake Bye, Fall :28, Stephen Krueger Culver Dec., Austin Totten Bonanza Fall 3:37, Tyler Carroll Irrigon Dec.

Jay Lysne Lakeview Fall 1:25, Dakota Smith Bonanza Fall 1:31, James Martin Irrigon Fall 1:34, Miguel Gutierrez Fall 3:02

Patrick Foster Culver Fall 1:00, Talon Guthier North Lake Fall 5:59, Ivan Galen Culver Fall :45, Payton hamilton Lakeview Fall :54

Casey Usher Culver Bye, Mike Koska Bonanza Fall 4:10, William Daniels Culver Bye, Matt Holoway Lakeview Bye

152 AJ Swartzlander Lakeview Bye, Sam Bobbit Irrigon Bye, Austin Barany Culver Bye

Wesley Wilson Culver Fall 5:40 and Fall 1:16, Ian Maxwell Gilchrist Bye, Bebo Clark Chiloquin Bye and Fall 5:01, Brad Test Irrigon Bye, Daniel Stirewalt Culver Fall 2:51, Nick Jones Lakeview Fall 1:53 and Fall 43

Mike Tucker Lakeview Fall Bye and Fall 1:52, Mike Oliver Irrigon Bye and T-Fall 6:00, Clint McGilvrey Bonanza Bye and Forfeit, Linda Robles Bye, Giles Ellett Irrigon Fall :43

Austin Alley Culver Bye, Cristan Hurtado Irrigon Bye, Zak Jackson Chiloquin Bye, Tylor Bryant North Lake Bye, Justin hendrix Culver Bye, Michael Thompson Gilchrist Bye, Wade Aylett Irrigon Bye

Nick Barany Culver Bye, Zac Botner Lakeview Bye, Fafael Ramos Irrigon Bye, Damon Lerma Bye, Jamie Painter Gilchrist, George Swartzlender Lakeview Bye

Tate Frank Lakeview Fall 1:28, Kellen Koenig Bonanza Forfiet, Javi Marinez Lakeview Fall 2:39, Skyer Morrow Chiloquin Fall 1:01

LEFT - Jace Hedrin of Irrigon, in black and gray, attempts to roll over Tanner Yarborough of Lakeview, in blue and yellow, during their Friday 140 pound match. RIGHT - Jace Hedrin of Irrigon works to push Tanner Yarborough of Lakeview down to the mat.

LEFT - Jace Hedrin of Irrigon in gray and black drives Tanner Yarborough to his knees. RIGHT - Kyle Sullivan of Irrigon in gray and black uses his full weight to leverage Cory Knox to roll into position for a pin in their 160 match.

LEFT - Cherisse Jackson of Chiloquin in blue attempts to push Ian Maxwell of Gilchrist down during their match on Friday. Cherisse was one of three lady wrestlers competing at the district tournament. There will be an OSAA state tournament for lady wrestlers in Portland. RIGHT - Cherisse Jackson of Chiloquin on the left and Ian Maxwell of Gilchrist on the right.

LEFT and RIGHT - Ian Maxwell of Gilchrist tries to drive Cherisse Jackson of Chiloquin to the mat.

LEFT - Harry Ambercrombie of Irrigon, in black and gray, battles Jake Jones of Culver, in orange in the 285 weight class. RIGHT - Harry Ambercrombie of Irrigon attempts to roll over Jake Jones of Culver.

LEFT - Harry Ambercrombie of Irrigon attempts to roll Jake Jones of Culver over. RIGHT - Harry Ambercrombie of Irrigon gets Jake Jones rolled over and is pressing for the pin which he got at :57 seconds.

Photos by Terry Aichele

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Posted September 3, 2008
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