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Kasey Pankey pitched for the Vikings in the first game which Umatilla won 13-3. [img_0009]

Umatilla Sweeps Sherman In Doubleheader

Vikings won 13-3 and 15-2

Posted Wednesday April 1, 2009

UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings defeated the 2A Sherman Huskies 13-3 and 15-2 in a Tuesday, March 31, 2009 doubleheader. The wind gusted all afternoon and the sun would occasionally break through the clouds to momentarily bring warmth to the face. The wind would pick up some hits and carry them a little farther. The wind could just as easily put the brakes on the ball and drop it short into a waiting fielder's glove.

Game 1

The Sherman Huskies took the lead in the top of first inning 2-0. Umatilla came right back in the bottom of the first when Kasey Pankey came up to the plate with two runners on base and hit a homerun. That gave the Vikings a 3-2 lead.

Sherman came back in the top of the third inning when a line shot up the middle brought in a runner from thrid. Umatilla went right work in the bottom of the inning. Kasey Pankey and Soto walked then Taylor Pankey was hit by a pitch loading up the bases. Vandever then hit a long shot to right field scoring two runs to give Umatilla the 5-3 lead. Taylor Pankey scores on a pass ball. Then Galbraith hit to centerfield scoring the last run of the inning to give the Vikings the 7-3 lead.

Umatilla scored again in the bottom fourth when Aaron Trukositz drove in two runs to give Umatilla the 9-3 lead.

The bottom of the fifth inning was another strong one for Umatilla. Galbraith, Anderson, Williams and Trukositz scored to give the Vikings the 13-3 win due to the ten run rule.

Game 2

Steve Williams started off the second game with a two run homer over the center field fence. Kasey Pankey then scored on a hit by Trukositz down by the first base line. Trukositz then scored on a hit by Taylor Pankey. Umatilla led 4-0 with no outs. Later, with two out, Taylor Pankey and Hurley scored on a hit by Anderson giving Umatilla the 6-0 lead.

Sherman scored two in the top of the third. Umatilla loaded up the bases in the bottom of the third. Hurley scored on a hit to third base. Galbraith then scored on a force in by a walk. Trukositz then hit a big triple to right field driving in three runs to give Umatilla the 11-2 lead. Trukositz then scored when Sanguino drives him in on a base hit. That gave Umatilla a 12-2 lead.

Umatilla had bases loaded when Trukositz was walked driving a run. Then Sanguino drove in a run to give Umatilla the 14-2 lead. Umatilla made one more score when Sherman walked another Viking driving the 15th run of the game. Even though Umatilla led by 13 runs the game wouldn't end under the ten run rule until the fifth inning.

The Sherman Huskies had one more chance in the top of the fifth to close the gap. But with Trukositz pitching it was three up and three down on a strike out and two ground outs. Umatilla won 15-2.

LEFT and RIGHT - Umatilla starting pitcher Kasey Pankey winds up. [img_0003 & img_0005]

LEFT and RIGHT - A Umatilla batter connects with a pitch. [img_0018 & img_0019]

LEFT - Umatilla hitters had good two good games on Tuesday. [img_0022] RIGHT - Aaron Trukositz connects on one of his big hits during the first game of the doubleheader. [img_0034]

LEFT - The Sherman Husky second baseman loses the ball on his attempt to tag Vandever. [img_0037] RIGHT - Umatilla second baseman Soto catches a pop up during the first game. [img_0062]

LEFT - Steve Williams was the starter for Umatilla in the second game. [img_0098] RIGHT - Taylor Pankey leads off second base during the second game of the doubleheader on Tuesday. [img_0118]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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