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Riverside's Lilly Doherty concentrates on a backhand return during the match with Mariah McQuown of Stanfield on Friday. Lilly won the match 8-6. [img_1082]

Riverside Defeats Stanfield

Riverside won 7 to 3

Posted Monday April 20, 2009

BOARDMAN - The Riverside Pirates hosted the Stanfield Tigers in tennis action on Friday, April 17, 2009. The Pirates won seven matches and the Tigers won three. The afternoon started off sunny and with no wind. The calm wind gave way to a ten to fifteen mph wind during the course of the afternoon.

Match Results

Singles Matches Riverside (left) - Stanfield (right)
1. Lilly Doherty 8 vs Mariah McQuown 8-6
2. Evelyn Garcia 8 vs Joy Brammer 4
3. Tanya Thomason 5 vs Ladanna Mendieta 8
4. Nuvia Rameirez 8 vs Maritza Ibarra 3

Doubles Matches Riverside (left) - Stanfield (right)
1. Melanie Mejia & Stephanie Fuentes 4 vs Ina Lopez & Luci Alvarez 8
2. Gabriella Cox & Adriana Flores 8 vs Judith Santiago & Maritza Ibarra 5
3. Sandra Mendoza & Samantha Tagner 4 vs Genesis Chavez & Ladanna Mandieta 8

Singles - Riverside (left) - Stanfield (right)
1. Carlos Garcia 8 vs Eddy Rojas 1
2. Luis Campos 8 vs Cody Primmer 2
3. Tim Thomason 8 vs David Nichols 2

LEFT - Mariah McQuown serves to Lilly Doherty during the tennis matches at Riverside on Friday. [img_1043] RIGHT - Carlos Garcia of Riverside returns a shot during his match with Eddy Rojas of Stanfield. Carlos won 8-1. [img_1045]

LEFT - Eddy Rojas of Stanfield serves to Carlos Garcia of Riverside. [img_1090] RIGHT - Mariah McQuown of Stanfield serves to Lilly Doherty of Riverside. [img_1092]

LEFT - Lilly Doherty of Riverside sets up to hit a backhand. [img_1093] RIGHT - Pirate Carlos Garcia hits a shot to Eddy Rojas. [img_1112]

LEFT - Lilly Doherty of Riverside hits a forehand shot. [img_1114] RIGHT - Carlos Garcia serving for Riverside. [img_1121]

LEFT - Evelyn Garcia of Riverside with a forehand stroke. [img_1138] RIGHT - Ladanna Mendieta of Stanfield returns a shot to Tanya Thomason of Riverside. [img_3003]

LEFT - Stanfield's Ladanna Mendieta returns a two handed shot. [img_3004] RIGHT - Tonya Thomason of Riverside hits a backhand shot. [img_3015]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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