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The Irrigon Knights softball team ham it up before the big game with Enterprise Joseph on Friday, May 29, 2009. Irrigon won 6-2. [img_1030]

Irrigon Defeats Enterprise Joseph Move On To Semifinals At Gaston

Knights won 6-2

Posted Sunday May 31, 2009

IRRIGON - The Irrigon Knights defeated the Enterprise Joseph Cubs 6-2 in a quarterfinal softball game Friday, May 29, 2009 at Irrigon. The win moves Irrigon on the semifinal game against Gaston on June 2, 2009 time TBA as of publication on Sunday.

The winning pitcher for Irrigon was Noelle Wright. The Knights catcher was Staci Stanger. The losing pitcher was Andrea Schaefer for the Enterprise Joseph Cubs. Irrigon secondbaseman Jessica Henrichs was responsible for eight outs in the game. During the fourth and fifth innings Henrichs either made the out or assisted in five of the six outs. A stellar performance by the secondbaseman.

The Cubs failed to score in the top of the first as they flew out to right, struck out and grouned out on a hit to the pitcher who tossed it to first for the third out.

Irrigon got on the scoreboard in the bottom of the first when Ariel Schoik and Noelle Wright both walked. With Schock and Wright on first and second Leslie Coffman hit a shot to right field allowing Schoik to score the Knights first run from secondbase. Alisha Mego then hit to right field bringing in Wright and Coffman giving Irrigon the 3-0 lead.

The Cubs got things going in the top of the second when Mariah Warnock was safe at first on a grounder to third which was thrown wide at firstbase. Then Jesse Kohlhepp hit to right field allowing Warnock to score from second. Irrigon led 3-1.

Irrigon set up for their scoring in the bottom of the second with leadoff batter Cheyenne McKenney walked. Breena Tolar then laid down a sacrifise bunt which pushed McKenney over to second. Jessica Henrichs then hit a long fly ball into rightfield. Ariel Schoik then came to bat. Henrichs stole secondbase. With McKenney at third and Henrichs at second Schoik hit a fly ball to rightfield. The fly ball allowed McKenney to score. Irrigon led 4-1. Noelle Wright then walked loading up the bases. Kim Campos was hit by a pitch forcing in Henrichs from third and giving the Knights the 5-1 lead. Leslie Coffman then hits a grounder which the fielder fires to home to take out Schoik. Then in the throw to first Wright scores giving Irrigon the 6-1 lead.

Bailee Reimer hits a triple to start off the top of the third for Enterprise Joseph. Tonya Neil then hit a grounder to secondbase and made it safe to first scoring Reimer from third. The Knights led 6-2. The Knights went three up and three down in the bottom of the third.

Jessica Henrichs had a first rate defensive top of the fourth. Cub hitter Warnock hit a popup that Henrichs caught for the first out. Then Kohlhepp hit a grounder right at Henrichs who fielded the ball and tossed to first for the out. Finally Katie Edison hit a grounder to Henrichs who threw to first for the third out.

Irrigon got a runner on base in the bottom of the fourth but couldn't generate any runs. Irrigon continued to lead the game 6-2.

In the top of the fifth Irrigon's Wright struckout the Cubs Reimer. Neil then flew out to Henrichs at second. Whitney Shaefer then hit to centerfield. Summer Despain of the Cubs then hit a line shot to Henrichs who caught it with no problem for the third out.

Irrigon got a runner on base in the bottom of the fifth but couldn't score. Irrigon continued to lead the Cubs 6-2.

The pitching and fielding was very tight for both teams in the final two innings. Irrigon pitcher Noelle Wright and her fielders did not allowing any Cub on base in the closing innings. Irrigon was able to get runners on base in the bottom of the sixth but couldn't get a score out of the situation.

On the final out, Tonya Neil of the Cubs grounding out to Henrichs and Campos, the Knights and their fans let loose with cheers, smiles and high fives all round. The players took a few moments to meet with their families and friends before going to work on the postgame field work that they do after every game.

"I played a really great game." said Jessica Henrichs about her defensive work at secondbase. "I have to thank my coach. He pushed us all week so hard. This is crazy, I never thought it was going to happen."

"It feels really good going on to semifinals." said Noelle Wright after the game. "When the game first started it was really hot. I stood under a fan. And I was a little nervous. After I got into the game and pitched to them I felt like, oh they couldn't touch me so I'm going to pitch it. I worked them outside and I worked them inside. They have some really good hitters."

"I feel better than I've ever felt before." said shortstop Leslie Coffman. "It was hot, I'm glad the sun finally went away."

Staci Stanger, the Irrigon catcher had one word for how it felt playing the game, "Great!" Then she continued, "We really needed this one."

LEFT - Noelle Wright of Irrigon takes her big windup early in the game with Enterprise Joseph on Friday, May 29, 2009. [img_1142] RIGHT - Here Breena Tolar of Irrigon is reaching out to make made an amazing catch. Tonya Neil of the Cubs hit a fly out to rightfield. Tolar got into position reaching out to make the catch. The ball hit her glove then bounced up, hitting her shoulder then she reacted, reaching out to glove the ricocheting ball. [img_1150]

LEFT - Ariel Schock of Irrigon connects on a pitch early in the game. [img_2020] RIGHT - Kim Campos of Irrigon takes a big swing. [img_2033]

LEFT - Leslie Coffman of Irrigon looks up at the umpire to see what the call is on a close play at home in the bottom of the first inning. Coffman was ruled safe giving Irrigon the 3-0 lead. [img_2051] RIGHT - On a close play at second base Irrigon shortstop Leslie Coffman tags the Cubs baserunner while Jessica Henrichs looks to see what the umpire's call is. [img_2073]

LEFT - Irrigon's firstbaseman Kim Campos wraps a wet towel around her neck to keep cool in the bottom of the second inning. [img_2083} RIGHT - Jessica Henrichs, the Irrigon secondbaseman, shows the intensity in fielding a grounder that led to her being involved in eight outs over the course of the game. [img_2124]

LEFT - Irrigon seconbaseman Jessica Henrichs spins to throw to first. [img_2127] RIGHT - Staci Stanger of Irrigon connects on a pitch. [img_2140]

Ariel Schock of Irrigon connects on high pitch. [img_3014]

Irrigon's infield exchange fist bumps at the start of an inning. Left to right the players are shortstop Leslie Coffman, secondbaseman Jessica Henrichs, firstbaseman Kim Campos, thirdbaseman Ariel Schock and Noelle Wright the pitcher. [img_3036]

LEFT - Secondbaseman Jessica Henrichs, left, and firstbaseman Kim Campos come off the diamond all smiles after another successful defensive stand in the top of the fifth. [img_3053] RIGHT - Jessica Henrichs accepts high fives form teammates following her defensive play in the fourth and fifth innings. [img_2123]

LEFT - Irrigon firstbaseman Kim Campos reacts to the final out of the game that the Knights won by a score of 6-2. [img_3119] RIGHT - The Irrigon Knights whoop it up following the completion of the game. Cheers, high fives, and smiles were shared by all the teammates. [img_3120]

LEFT - Irrigon secondbaseman Jessica Henrichs gets a big hug after the game that the Knights won 6-2 over the Enterprise Joseph Cubs. Next up, Gaston on Tuesday. [img_3131] RIGHT - After the celebration subsided, it was time for the team do their assigned after game field work. Here Irrigon catcher Staci Stanger and pitcher Noelle Wright work on the pitching circle. The juniors share a special bond as they talk of the game just played and the game yet to come. [img_3141]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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