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Mary Shae Hays of Hermiston in the black uniform blasts a shot at Grandview defenders. [img_2051]

Hermiston Defeats Grandview

Hermiston won 26-24, 25-19 and 25-19

Posted Friday September 11, 2009

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs volleyball team won their second home non-conference game of the year Thursday night. The Dawgs defeated Grandview, Washington in three sets, 26-24, 19-25 and 19-25.

Grandview took the early lead in the first set. Granview led by a score of 9-6 when Hermiston's Andrea Waters' serves and a shot by Mary Shae Hays tied the score up at 10-10. The teams exchanged leads until the Dawgs took the 16-15 and never let go of the lead after that. The Bulldogs won the first set 26-24.

The second set was close with the teams tied 7-7 about a third of the way through the set. Hermiston's Hays served for a run that saw Dawgs lead go from 10-9 to 16-9. Hermiston pulled away throughout the rest of the set winning it 25-19.

Grandview started strongly in the third set with a 3-1 lead. Hermiston closed the gap tieing it up at 4-4. Grandview led 12-10 when the they were cited for a rotation infraction. That tied the score at 11-11 and Hermiston battled into the lead. At one part of the set Hermiston held Grandview to just two points while the Dawgs scored seven. Hermiston won the third set 25-19.

LEFT - Hermiston's Kayleigh Barnitz hits a shot at the net. [img_2031] RIGHT - Kayleigh Barnitz spikes the ball. [img_2045]

LEFT - A shot by Grandview just flies over the outstretched hands of Crystal Schmidt, left, of Hermiston. [img_2070] RIGHT - Jade Crossley, left, and Crystal Schmidt of Hermiston battle Grandview at the net. [img_2081]

LEFT - Kayleigh Barnitz of Hermiston gets ready to bump a serve. [img_2097] RIGHT - Crystal Schmidt, in black, attempts a block at the net. [img_3011]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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