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Hermiston's Curtis Berger attempts to outrun a Bend defender during the first half of the home game on Friday, September 25, 2009. Hermiston won 30-22. [img_1025]

Hermiston Defeats Bend

Hermiston won 30-22

Posted Monday September 28, 2009

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs defeated the Bend Lava Bears 30-22 on Friday, September 25, 2009. It was a wild, nail biting game with two safeties and Hermiston coming from behind to take the lead in the fourth quarter.

Hermiston took the opening kickoff and five plays later scored a touchdown on first and ten on the Bend 18 yardline. The PAT was blocked so Hermiston led 6-0.

Bend was forced to punt and Hermiston took over at midfield with 6:29 to go in the first quarter. Eleven plays later Faalaula Ena threw a 32 yard touchdown pass. The two point conversion was good giving Hermiston the 14-0 lead with 2:23 to go in the first quarter.

Bend's offense came alive with their possession after the kickoff. Four plays later, with a third and ten on the 44 yardline Bend's quarterback, Chase Clair, connected with Steven Barrett for a touchdown pass. The PAT was good closing the gap to 14-7.

Hermiston was forced to punt at the start of the second quarter and Bend started a long drive on their own 32 yardline. The fourteen play drive took Bend to the 12 yard line and second and six when Clair through a pass to his right for a touchdown. The PAT missed left allowing Hermiston to hold onto a 14-13 lead with 6:04 to go in the first half.

The next scoring drive for Hermiston started with just 54 seconds to go in the first half. The five play drive concluded on a 30 yard pass play to Paul Lloyd who stretched to get the ball over the endzone. The PAT was good giving Hermsiton the 21-13 lead.

The first score of the second half occured with 1:35 to go in the third when Hermiston's Berger was tackled in the Dawgs' endzone for a safety. That made the score 21-15.

Bend came right back on their possession. On first and ten from the 37 yardline Bend's quarterback Clair handed off to Joey Burns who battled through several Hermiston defenders for a touchdown. That tied it up 21-21. The PAT was good giving Bend the 22-21 lead.

Hermiston played about the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter trying everything they could to score. The teams exchanged possession in Bend's territory. Each time the teams exchanged possession it pushed Bend deeper towards their own endzone. With fourth and 13 on their own 12 yardline, Bend punter saw the snap fly over his head into the endzone for a safety. That gave Hermiston the 23-22 lead with 4:20 to go in the game.

The teams exchanged possession again with Hermiston first and goal on the 3 yardline. Ena took his knee twice taking time down to 19 seconds. A delay of game pushed Hermiston back to fourth and goal on the nine yardline. Then Bend was penalized moving Hermiston to fourth and goal on the 4 yardline. With 11 seconds to go Ena through a touchdown pass and the PAT was good. Hermiston led 30-22.

Bend took the kickoff on thier five yardline and the kick receivers Kyle Brown and Aaron Rodriguez attempted to lateral the ball and fumbles it. Hermiston recovers first and goal on the four yardline with 3 seconds to go in the game. Following a penalty against the Dawgs Ena took the knee and the game was over with Hermiston winning 30-22.

LEFT - Hermiston's Ben Wood makes his way around Bend defenders. [img_1031] RIGHT - Hermiston's quarterback Faafialua Ena winds up to throw. [img_1035]

LEFT - Curtis Berger of Hermiston takes off running to the right. [img_1060] RIGHT - Mike Royer of Hermiston scores a touchdown. [img_1068]

LEFT - Paul Lloyd of Hermiston stretches the ball out for a touchdown. [img_1138] RIGHT - Jim Ward, Hermiston High School's football coach in 1955, waves his cap to the crowd following the meeting a midfield just before the start of the second half. [img_2015]

LEFT - Kyle Brown, number nine in white, of Bend breaks away from a Hermiston defender on his way to a touchdown. [img_2044] RIGHT - Faafialua Ena, far right, starts to run behind Hermiston blockers. [img_2049]

LEFT - Faafialua Ena, number 14, tries to get away from Bend's Liam Brown. [img_2074] RIGHT - Ben Wood of Hermiston, number 5, carries the ball. [img_2088]

The Hermiston crowd goes wild following a score. [img_2094]

Hermiston's Ben Millard, number 22 in the middle, runs through a large opening in the line. [img_2101]

Ben Millard of Hermiston, left, looks for a way around Bend's Andrew Blake, number 17. [img_2103]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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