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Heppner players in blue, including JoAnna Patton screen out a Riverside player, Vicki Hernandez. [img_0101]

Heppner Defeats Riverside

Heppner won 49-20

Posted Tuesday December 15, 2009

UMATILLA - The Heppner Lady Mustangs defeated the Riverside Pirates 49-20 in the final of the Columbia River Clash at Umatilla on December 12, 2009. The Mustangs strong defense and sharp shooting offense controlled the game. Riverside wasn't able to score until early in the second quarter. Then they clawed their way back to tie the Mustangs just before halftime. All tournament players for Heppner were Brynna Rust and Torri Lovegren. All tournament players for Riverside were Shannon Callow and Whitley Reece.

The first quarter was low scoring with Heppner controlling the floor and pace of the game. Heppner led at the buzzer 7-0.

Riverside finally scored on a shot by Jessica Bradley at 7:36 in the second quarter. It was the first of 10 points scored by the Pirates in the second. Heppner only scored six. The Pirates tied the score at 10-10 with 2:50 to go in the second on a shot by Vicki Hernandez. Heppner took the 13-10 halftime lead on a shot by Jessica Hughes.

Heppner came out of halftime and lit things up in the third outscoring Riverside 23-7. Erin Price of the Mustangs scored three times including a trey. Torri Lovgren scored five times. JoAnna Patton hit three in a row late in the quarter. Heppner led at the end of the third 36-17.

Heppner continued to score scoring 13 points while Riverside went cold only scoring three points in the fourth. Torri Lovgren of the Mustangs continued hitting her shots. Heppner also hit back to back threes with about a minute to go close out the game. Heppner won49-20.

LEFT - A Riverside player in white is closely defended by Torri Lovegren of Heppner. [img_0014] RIGHT - Jessica Hughes, number 4 of Heppner, grabs a rebound and looks for a teammate to pass to. [img_0023]

LEFT - Jessica Bradley, number 30 in white from Riverside, turns away from Heppner defender JoAnna Patton. [img_0046] RIGHT - Riverside's Shannon Callow, number 14, drives in for a layup. [img_0062]

LEFT - Lindsay Cutsforth, number 12 of Heppner, screens out a Riverside player. [img_0065] RIGHT - A Riverside player drives between Heppner defenders. [img_0072]

LEFT - Lidia Velazquez, number 24 from Riverside, is chased by Erin Price of Heppner. [img_0107.] RIGHT - Vicki Hernandez, number 34 in white, watches her shot while being defended by Lindsay Cutsforth of Heppner. [img_0125]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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