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Umatilla Hosts Weston-McEwen and Condon in Tennis

Posted Sunday March 21, 2010

UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings hosted Weston-McEwen and Condon in tennis action on Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

UHS vs Weston-McEwen Women Singles
Naomi Castannon (UHS) def Melissa Huskey 8-4
Laura Astlesler (WM) def Mariah Holden 8-2
Susan Routson (UHS) def Samantha Moorehouse 8-2
Presley Pahl (WM) def Holly Lougee 8-0

UHS vs Weston-McEwen Women Doubles
Melissa Huskey & Laura Astlesler (WM) def Kate Moiseyeva & Daiza Liddell 8-2
Shyanne Albee & Samantha Moorehouse (WM) def Anna Linn & Chrissy Tooley 8-2
Shyanne Albee & Presley Pahl (WM) def Norma Chavez & Darlin Claustro

UHS vs Weston-McEwen Men Singles
Willie Campos (UHS) def Daniel Winn 8-0
Jacob Vandever (UHS) def Josh Lambert 8-0
Juan Jaime (UHS) def Logan McDowell 8-1
Pierson Pahl (WM) def Martin Rubio 8-6

UHS vs Weston-McEwen Women Doubles
Matt Warr & Vinny Stefani (UHS) def Daniel Winn & Josh Lambert 8-4
Cole Reiner & Kody Guentert (UHS) def Logan McDowell & Pierson Pahl 8-3

UHS vs Condon Men Singles
Clabe Widner (CHS) def Pedro Ortiz 8-6
Clabe Widner (CHS) def Jacob Lowrance 8-2

UHS vs Condon Women Doubles
Diana Manriquez & Brianna Watson (UHS) def Marnie Fitzsimmons & Brenda Miciak 8-4
Marnie Fitzsimmons & Brenda Miciak (CHS) def Cecelia Evans & Hanna Seufert 8-6

Photos by Terry Aichele

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