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Stanfield Tennis Action

Posted Thursday April 8, 2010

Results from Stanfield Tuesday, April 6, 2010.
Women's Singles

Kellie Hodges UHS def Maritza Ibarra 6-2
Dallas Beigel UHS def Edith Ibarra 6-0
Dallas Beigel UHS def Jazmine 6-1

Women's Doubles
Mariela Carrillo & Yazell Chavez SHS def Hannah Seufert & CJ Evans UHS 8-3
Kate Moiseyeva & Daiza Liddell UHS def Janet Torres & Gladis Ibarra SHS 6-1
Norma Chavez & Clairiza Valencia UHS def Maleny Montez & Blanca Esquivel 6-4

Men's Singles
Jacob Vandever UHS def Michael Gehrke SHS 8-4
Tyler Botts SHS def Pedro Ortiz UHS 7-2
David Nichols SHS def Christian Mendoza UHS 8-4
David Ortiz UHS def Jason Whelan SHS 9-7
David Julio SHS def Nick Hodge UHS 6-1

Men's Doubles
David Nichols & Michael Gehrke SHS def Martin Rubio & Ozzy Mejia UHS 7-3

Photos by Terry Aichele

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