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Riverside scores the first goal in the game with Umatilla on Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Riverside won 5-2. [img_0049]

Riverside Defeated Umatilla

Riverside won 5-2

Posted Thursday October 21, 2010

UMATILLA - The Riverside Pirates defeated the Umatilla Vikings 5-2 in 3A soccer action on Tuesday, October 19, 2010. It was a sunny day with the temperature at game time at about 65 degrees. Riverside dominated shots on goal in the first half but Umatilla out shot the Pirates in the second half.

Riverside scored the first goal in the first minute of play on a driving shot from the left side of the net. Riverside then scored their second goal in the sixth minute of the first half on a shot from the right side of the goal. Umatilla scored their first goal in the ninth minute on a header by George Corona. That cut Riverside's lead to 2-1. Riverside's next goal came in the 17th minute on a header from the right side of goal. Riverside led 3-1 at halftime.

Riverside's first goal came two minutes into the second half to give the Pirates the 4-1 lead. The next goal was by the Pirates in the 16th minute to make the score 5-1. Umatilla then really put the pressure on to score. At one point the Vikings blasted three shots in a 30 second stretch that were blocked, hit the crossbar and deflected. Some Viking players became frustrated and some pushing took place with the Pirates. Red cards were given to several Viking players and a Riverside player. A yellow card was also given to a Riverside player.

After resetting Umatilla's George Corona hit his second goal with a low driving header as he crossed left to right across the goal. Riverside led 5-2 in the 29th minute of the second half.

The game played with Umatilla continue to press for a score and the Pirates' defense continued to frustrate the attempts. When the final whistle sounded, Riverside won 5-2.

LEFT - A Riverside player, in blue, passes the ball. [img_0070] RIGHT - Umatilla's George Corona scores with a header in the ninth minute of the first half. [img_0081]

LEFT - The Umatilla goalkeep snuffs an attempt by Riverside. [img_0092] RIGHT - A Riverside player, in blue, tries to bring the ball into the Umatilla zone. [img_0109]

LEFT - A Umatilla player, in orange, and a Riverside player, in blue, battle to controlled a header. [img_0156] RIGHT - A Riverside player, in blue, cuts off a pass to a Umatilla player. [img_0158]

LEFT - A Riverside player gets ready to make a move on a Umatilla defender. [img_0170] RIGHT - A Umatille player, in orange, breaks up a shot by a Riverside player in blue. [img_0171]

LEFT - Two Riverside players and a Umatilla leap high in an attempt to control the ball. [img_0196] RIGHT - The Umatilla goalkeep is drawn out away from the net while a Riverside passes the ball to the right of the photo. [img_0231]

The Umatilla goalkeep, far left, looks over as a Riverside player scores a goal. [img_0232]

Umatilla's George Corona scores the Vikings second goal with a header.[img_0315]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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