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Umatilla Defeated Stanfield

Umatilla won 46-28

Posted Monday December 27, 2010

UMATILLA - The Umatilla Lady Vikings defeated the Stanfield Tigers 46-28 on Friday, December 10, 2010. The game was part of the Columbia River Clash held at Umatilla and also involving teams from Helix, Pilot Rock, Riverside, Mac-Hi, and Weston-McEwen.

Umatilla started the game very strongly taking an 8-0 lead in the opening 4 minutes of play. That opening burst of scoring for the Vikings came from Dana Cardenas, Catherine Routson, and Kassie Kennedy. Stanfield came back with scoring from Allysa Sobotta and three pointers by Emma Gabriel and Nidia Ibarra. A shot by Jami Erwert then pushed Stanfield into the 10-8 lead at the end of the first period.

Catherine Routson opened the second with a driving layup to tie the game at 10-10. The teams then exchanged the lead. Stanfield took their last lead of the game, 16-15, when Carly Valadez hit four freethrows in less than thirty seconds. Stanfield then went cold for over eight minutes between the second and third periods. Umatilla took that opportunity to pull out to a 24-16 at halftime. Scoring for the Vikings came from Jessica Siler, Kassie Kennedy, and Dana Cardenas.

Umatilla started off the third period with Dana Cardenas scoring seven points in about a minute and a half. Cardenas' scoring pushed the Vikings lead to 31-16. Umatilla continued to dominate the game through the rest of the third and fourth quarters. Vikiings scoring in the last half came from Kassie Kennedy, Ashley Vandever, Breanna Watson, Dana Cardenas, and Desiree Garza. Umatilla won by 18 points, 46 to 28.

LEFT - Kassie Kannedy of Umatilla, number 10 in white, puts up a shot. [img_6782] RIGHT - Jessica Siler of Umatilla shoots a jump shot over Stanfield defender Nidia Ibarra. [img_6790]

LEFT - Naomi Castanon of Umatilla lets fly with a shot. [img_6807] RIGHT - Jessica Siler of Umatilla brings the ball up court. [img_6814]

LEFT - Emma Gabriel of Stanfield clears out of the Umatilla zone after grabbing a rebound. [img_6817] RIGHT - Crystal Gomez of Umatilla looks for someone to pass to. [img_6878]

LEFT - A Umatilla cheerleader fires the crowd up. [img_6929] RIGHT - Players wrestle for the ball. [img_6945]

LEFT - Umatilla cheerleaders perform a routine. [img_6949] RIGHT - Cecilia Evans of Umatilla lines up for a freethrow. [img_6978]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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