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Stanfield's Trey Blevins connects on a pitch. [img_8520]

Stanfield Defeated Irrigon

Stanfield won 11-0 in five innings

Posted Thursday April 14, 2011

STANFIELD - The Stanfield Tigers defeated the Irrigon Knights 11-0 in five innings on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Stanfield's big inning was the bottom of the fourth when they scored eight runs. The day was sunny but cool.

Stanfield's first score came in the bottom of the first when Derek Monkus scored from second on a hit by Trevor Morris. Stanfield led 1-0 at the end of the first.

Stanfield next scoring opportunities took place in the bottom of the second. With two out Brandon Campana hit a roller in front of the batter's box that was overthrown to firstbase. Devin Bailey then hit to deep right field allowing Campana to score. Stanfield led at the end of the second 2-0.

In the bottom of the third Quin Grogan scored from second on hit to right field by Michael Martinez. Stanfield led at the end of the third 3-0.

The bottom of the fourth was a good one for Stanfield. Brandon Campana walked. Devin Bailey then hit down the third base line. A hit to left field by Trey Blevins then filled the bases. Derek Monkus hit a roller to pitcher who threw home late allowing Campana to score. Then Trevor Morris hit driving in Bailey and Monkus pushing the Tiger's lead to 7-0. Ross Mendola hit to center field then Michael Martinez walked which loaded the bases. Josh Linker then got to first driving in Morris and Mendola. Those runs gave Stanfield the 9-0 lead. Campana then hit to center field scoring Martinez and Linker giving Stanfield the 11-0 lead at the end of the fouth.

Quin Grogan three strikeouts in a row to finish the game giving Stanfield the 11-0 win in five innings.

LEFT - Trey Blevins, number 7 of Stanfield, slides safely into second base. [img_8526] RIGHT - Trevor Morris of Stanfield hit a grounder down the third base line. [img_8542]

LEFT - Irrigon's pitcher. [img_8574] RIGHT - Trevor Morris of Stanfield slides safely into second base. [img_8601]

LEFT - Irrigon defenders rush out the third base line to grab a line drive. [img_8608] RIGHT - Stanfeild DH Brandon Campana runs between second and third. [img_8631]

LEFT - Devin Bailey, number 3 of Stanfield slides safely to homeplate. [img_8652] RIGHT - Irrigon's centerfielder catches a flyball. [img_8660]

LEFT - Irrigon's left fielder sets up to catch a flyball. [img_8666] RIGHT - Quin Grogan of Stanfield pitched strong through the entire game. [img_8672]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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