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Umatilla and MacHi Split

Posted Wednesday May 4, 2010

UMATILLA - The Umatilla Vikings hosted the MacHi Pioneers in tennis action on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. The MacHi men dominated on that side of the matches while the Umatilla women dominated in their matches.

Umatilla coach Keith Gebers acknowledged the quality of the MacHi men's team and what it means to the Vikings. "I like my boys playing the best so that we can get better and they can see what it takes to be strong in this league."

The Viking women were strong winning 15 of 16 matches. Coach Gebers was impressed by the Lady Vikings play, "We are being lead by BreAnna Watson and Kiana Manriquez with strong showings from our sophomore class of Susan Routson, Muranda Cranstan, Anali Rubio, Norma Chavez, Karina Ortiz and Ashley Longoria."

Overall Gebers' was positive about the season so far, "I think my team has the potential to be one of the best in districts, but they have to learn to be more aggressive and consistent to do so."

Men's Singles
Alexis Robles MacHI def Martin Rubio UHS 8-5
Christian Mendoza UHS def Braden Harwood MacHi 8-1
Cresencio Beltran MacHi def Edgar Magana UHS 8-4
Taylor Brown MacHi def Omar Dominguez UHS 9-7

Men's Doubles
Kevin Ochoa/Anthony Martinez MacHi def Pedro Ortiz/Cole Renier UHS 8-2
David Camarena/Luis Alvarez MacHi def Clayton Forshee/Jordan Brown UHS 8-2
Taylor Brown/Lawrence Timmons MacHi def Daniel Garcialazo/Roberto Moncada UHS 8-5
Alexis Robles/Cresencio Beltran MacHi def Koty Nobles/Cody Forrester UHS 8-1
Lawrence Timmons/Braden Harwood MacHi def Kian Jacquez/Nick Hodge UHS 8-4

Women's Singles
Susan Routson UHS def Ana Bueno-Salazar MacHi 8-1
Diana Manriquez UHS def Brittney Kelp MacHi 8-2
Hannah Seufert UHS def Lizzett Zaragoza MacHi 8-4
CJ Evans UHS def Kaylee Davis MacHi 8-1
BreAnna Watson UHS def Vivian Diaz MacHi 8-2
Norma Chavez UHS def Veronica Fuentes MacHi 8-2
Norma Chavez UHS def Atziri Jimenez MacHi 9-8 (7-3)
kARINA Ortiz UHS def Tasha Marshall MacHi 8-2

Women's Doubles
BreAnna Watson/Diana Manriquez UHS def Kirysa Koch/Rachel Smith MacHi 8-4
Hannah Seufert/CJ Evans UHS def Becky Carter/Cat Garza MacHi 8-5
Muranda Cranstan/Anali Rubio UHS def Glenda Lamas/Estefani Lamas MacHi 8-6
Muranda Cranston/Anali Rubio UHS def Makenzie Sheets/Courtney Koch MacHi 8-5
Anna Linn/Chrissy Tooley UHS def Cathleen R/Karly M MacHi 9-7
Dana Torres/Amanda Contreas MacHi def Brandi Carlson/Stephanie Klucas UHS 8-6
Norma Chavez/Ashley Longoria UHS def Kassidy Harris/Hanley Morris MacHi 8-0
Brandi Carlson/Stephanie Klucas UHS def Jasmine Addington/Shailie Allen MacHi 8-2

Photos by Terry Aichele

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