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Jovanny Llamas, number 11 in white of Riverside, takes a shot on goal. [img_20013]

Riverside Defeated Creswell

Riverside won 5-1

Posted Tuesday November 22, 2011

BOARDMAN - The Riverside Pirates defeated the Creswell Bulldogs 5-1 in OSAA 3A quarter final action on Saturday, November 12, 2011. It was a dark, overcast afternoon with the temperature about 50 degrees at teh start of the match. The wind was blowing between 20 and 30 mph.

The first seven minutes of the first half had most of the action taking place at midfield. As the teams began to make moves into each others zones what shots were taken tended to sail high as the ball was caught in the strong cross wind. Finally 24 minutes into the first half Jovanny Llamas scored on a drive up the middle. Later in the 37th minute Jovanny Llamas scored his second goal off a free kick. Riverside led 2-0 at halftime.

The second half began with the temperature dropping and wind blowing harder. Francisco Velazquez of Riverside scored the first of his three goals in the second half in the first minute of play. He took the ball up the middle and shot it past the goalkeep. Riverside led 3-0. Creswell scored their only goal of the match in the ninth minute of the second half. The Bulldogs score cut Riverside's lead to 3-1. Riverside's next goal by Francisco Velazquez came in the 11th minute on another run up the middle. Riverside led 4-1. Velazquez's third goal came in the 31st minute when he kicked in to the left corner of the net. That gave Riverside the 5-1 lead. Creswell tried to press for a score but came up empty and Riverside won 5-1.

LEFT - Jose Rodriguez of Riverside, number 15 in white, brings the ball into the Creswell zone. [img_0083] RIGHT - Jovanny Llamas of Riverside, number 11 in white on the right, reacts to scoring a goal. [img_0096]

LEFT - Jovanny Llamas of Riverside attempts a header. [img_20010] RIGHT - Francisco Velazquez of Riverside scores a goal.. [img_20049]

LEFT - Jorge Delgado of Riverside, number 2 in white, congratulates Francisco Velazquez on his goal. [img_20054] RIGHT - The Creswell goalkeep in green reacts to goal by Francisco Velazquez. [img_20055]

LEFT - Carlos Bautista of Creswell, number 21 in red reacts to scoring a goal in the 9th minute of the second half. [img_20085] RIGHT - Francisco Velazquez of Riverside scores a goal. [img_20093]

Erik Ruiz of Riverside sets up to center the ball. [img_20115]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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