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Players from Umatilla, in white, and Vale react to a shot. [img_5626]

Vale Defeated Umatilla

Vale won 45-36

Posted Friday, February 3, 2012

UMATILLA - The Vale Lady Vikings defeated the Umatilla Vikings 45-36 on Tuesday, January 31, 2012. A low scoring first quarter was what kept Umatilla from making it a closer game. Umatilla improved quite a bit in the next three quarters even outscoring Vale 25-21 overall in the second half.

Dana Cardenas hit a trey at about 5:22 of the first and unfortunately that was it for Umatilla. Vale started off with a trey by Megan Williams. Also scoring for Vale in the first were Lea Fulk and Amy DeLong. Vale led at the end of the first 13-3.

Vale outscored Uamtilla 11-8 in the second quarter. Umatilla scoring in the second came from Dana Cardenas who hit two more treys and Cecilia Evans. Vale led at halftime 24-11.

Umatilla's scoring improved again in the third as they outscored Vale 12-11. Scoring for Umatilla came from Jessica Siler who scored five points, Cecilia Evans and Dana Cardenas who hit another trey. Vale led at the end of the third 35-23.

Umatilla outscored Vale 13-10 in the fourth. Jessica Siler had another good quarter scoring nine points. Also scoring in the fourth for Umatilla were Desiree Garza and Ashley Longoria. Vale won 45-36.

LEFT - A Umatilla player drives to bucket while surrounded by Vale defenders. [img_5602] RIGHT - Irdiana Campos of Umatilla attempts a jump shot. [img_5640]

LEFT - Dana Cardenas of Umatilla, in white, leaps high in the air to pass the ball. [img_5669] RIGHT- Cecilia Evans of Umatilla takes a shot. [img_5674]

Dana Cardenas of Umatilla, number 1 in white, gets tangled up a Vale defender. LEFT [img_5691] - RIGHT [img_5692]

LEFT - Jessica Siler, in white of Umatilla, drives to the basket. [img_5733] RIGHT - Umatilla's Jessica Siler gets a hand in her face from a Vale defender. [img_5734]

LEFT - Ashley Longoria of Umatilla brings the ball up the court. [img_5739] RIGHT - Umatilla's Dana Cardenas, number 1 in white, drives to the basket under alot of pressure from a Vale defender. [img_5742]

LEFT - Dana Cardenas of Umatilla drives to the basket. [img_5759] RIGHT - Jessica Siler took a tumble following a collision with a Vale defender. [img_5765]

LEFT - Umatilla's Jessica Siler shoots a jump shot. [img_5803] RIGHT - Jessica Siler of Umatilla drives to the basket again. Siler scored 14 points for Umatilla in the second half of the game. [img_55814]

LEFT - Jessica Siler of Umatilla takes to the air on a drive to the basket. [img_5815] RIGHT - Irdiana Campos of Umatilla shoots a jump shot. [img_5835]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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