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Bryce Linker of Stanfield delivers a pitch early in the game with Irrigon on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Stanfield won 12-8. [img_4693]

Stanfield Defeated Irrigon

Stanfield won 12-8

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2012

STANFIELD - The Stanfield Tigers defeated the Irrigon Knights 12-8 on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. It was a hazy afternoon with the temperature at about 62 degrees. The game started off close then Stanfield had a big bottom of the second then Irrigon battled back in the top of the fifth. In all a very entertaining game.

The first scoring came in the bottom of the first when Stanfield's Bryce Linker was hit by a pitch to get on first. Then Devin Bailey walked putting runners at first and second. Michael Martinez then hit to centerfield scoring Linker and Bailey giving Stanfield the 2-0 lead. Three walks in a row then forced in a third runner for Stanfield. That made the score 3-0 for the Tigers.

Irrigon came right back in the top of the second scoring three runs. Ricky Amburgy got on base with a single. Next Sean Barron hit to left field. Irrigon then put another runner on base with a grounder. Irrigon's pitcher Weng then drove in a run with a grounder. Ernesto Aguilera then scored two runs with a liner to centerfield that tied the score at 3-3.

Stanfield scored seven runs in the bottom of the second inning. The scoring opportunities for the Tigers began with Devin Haefer and Bryce Linker each walking. Devin Bailey then hit to deep left field scoring Haefer. Michael Martinez then hit a grounder to short who threw it home to take Linker out. The next batter hit to left field scoring Bailey. Jacob Murstig and Travis Ables then walked. Ables walk forced in Martinez. Dominick Renner then walked forcing in anther run. Murstig then scored on a pass ball. Renner walked. Devin Haefer then was hit by a pitch. then Linker hit a long fly out to left field that allowed Renner to score the last run of the inning. Stanfield led at the end of the third inning, 10-3.

Irrigon was able to come back in the top of the fifth inning scoring four runs to cut Stanfield's lead to four runs. Leon Luna led off with a walk. Next Carillo hit to the pitcher who threw to second to get the lead runner, Luna. Ricky Amburgy then hit to right field. Sean Barron then hit to left field scoring Carrillo and Amburgy. Irrigon then put two more runners on base. Ernesto Aguilera then hit to left field scoring a run. Chapman then scored on a pass ball. Irrigon had cut Stanfield's lead to four, 11-7.

Travis Ables scored from second for Stanfield in the bottom of the fifth on a pop out. Stanfield led 12-7 at the end of the fifth.

Francisco Nunez of Irrigon scored from third in the top of the sixth on a hit to left field. No other runs were scored in the rest of the game. Stanfield won the game 12-8.

LEFT - The starting pitcher for Irrigon. [img_4662] RIGHT - Bryan Linker of Stanfield was the starting pitcher for Stanfield. [img_4672]

LEFT - Bryan Linker of Stanfield follows through on a pitch. [img_4673] RIGHT - Devin Bailey of Stanfield picks off Ricky Amburgy at second base. [img_4685]

Stanfield's Bryan Linker in a sequence of photos during a pitch. [img_4699]

A sequence of photos showing the Irrigon pitcher winding up and throwing the ball. [img_4720]

LEFT - Irrigon's Francisco Nunez, number 6, dives in an attempt to tag out Devin Haefer at second. [img_4727] RIGHT - A Stanfield Tiger slides under the tag by the Irrigon catcher. [img_4748]

LEFT - Stanfield baserunner Michael Martinez and the Irrigon thirdbaseman react to a line drive down the third base line. [img_4753] RIGHT - An Irrigon runner is tagged out at second. [img_4788]

LEFT - Michael Martinez of Stanfield rounds second base. [img_4822] RIGHT - The Irrigon pitcher attempts to pick off Michael Martinez at third base. [img_4834]

LEFT - The Irrigon left fielder catches a fly for an out [img_4891] RIGHT - Irrigon's Sean Barron hits the ball. [img_4903]

LEFT - Moment of impact - This photo shows Ernesto Aquilera as his swinging bat connects with the pitch. [img_4917] RIGHT - Sean Barron of Irrigon pitched late in the game. [img_4966]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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