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A Hermiston player, in white, challenges a David Douglas defender and goalkeep to hit the tieing goal in the 80th minute of the September 6, 2012 match. [img_7360]

Hermiston Comes Back To Tie David Douglas

Match tied at 2-2

Posted Thursday, September 13, 2012

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs came back from behind 2-1 to tie the David Douglas Scots 2-2 in soccer action on Thursday, September 6, 2012.

The first goal came in the 10th minute in the first half when Hermiston drove up the middle and shot past the David Douglas goalkeep who was pulled out of position. Even though David Douglas spend most of the first half with the ball in the Hermiston zone the Bulldogs held on to lead 1-0 at halftime. Unofficially David Douglas took about twice as many shots on goal in the first half.

Unofficially in the second half David Douglas took about 15 shots to Hermiston's 9. David Douglas was the first to score in the second half. The Scots scored in the 58th minute on a shot to the corner of the goal. The next David Douglas goal came around the 70th minute on a drive through the box and a shot to the corner of the goal. David Douglas led 2-1 with ten mintutes to go in the match. Hermiston was able to tie it up near the end of the 80 minutes on a drive up the middle threading through the final defender and goalkeep. The Hermiston forward ended up sliding to a stop, looked up and saw the ball cross the goal. David Doublas defenders were stretched out on the ground.

Hermiston put on a pressure offense in the closing moments of the match but couldn't get a go ahead goal. The final whistle blew with Hermiston and David Douglas tied at 2-2.

LEFT - The David Douglas goalkeep dives to block a shot by Hermiston early in the first half of the match played on Thursday, September 6, 2012. [img_7197] RIGHT - A Hermiston player, in white, is pursued by two David Douglas defenders. [img_7199]

LEFT - A hermiston pass flies past the out stretched fingers of the David Douglas goalkeep. [img_7219] RIGHT - A Hermiston defender, in white, slides in an attempt to block a shot on goal by a David Douglas forward. [img_7238]

LEFT - A Hermiston player hits a crossing shot. [img_7260] RIGHT- A David Douglas player kicks over a Hermiston defensive wall. [img_7284]

LEFT - A Hermiston player brings the ball up the pitch into the David Douglas zone. [img_7307] RIGHT - A Hermiston player comes up the pitch. [img_7318]

LEFT - A Hermiston player, in white, is being squeezed by two David Douglas defenders. [img_7350] RIGHT - A Hermiston player sets up to kick a pass across the David Douglas box. [img_7368]

LEFT - A Hermiston player kicks a pass across the David Douglas box. [img_7369] RIGHT - In the closing seconds of the match, a Hermiston player threads his way along the sideline in an attempt to drive fast and set up a winning goal. [img_7372]


Photos by Terry Aichele

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