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A Hermiston player serves during the match with Pendleton on September 18, 2012. Pendleton won 3-1. [img_7698]

Pendleton Defeated Hermiston In Volleyball

Pendleton won 3-1; 25-11, 24-26, 25-17 & 25-21

Posted Monday, October 8, 2012

HERMISTON - The Pendleton Lady Buckaroos defeated the Hermiston Bulldogs 3-1; 25-11, 24-26, 25-17 and 25-21 in volleyball on Tuesday, September 18, 2012.

The first set was controlled by Pendleton from the point they took the lead at 8-7. A run of serve by Darian Lindsey for the Bucks stretched their lead to 15-8. Another run of serve by Amanda Fowler stretched the Bucks lead to 10 points, 20-10. From that point Pendleton went on to win the set 25-11.

The Bulldogs came out very competitive in the second set tieing the Bucks at 18-18 after being down by as much as six points earlier in the set. The teams battled back and forth until Hermiston took the 25-24 lead. Shelby Sanders then served for Hermiston's 26-24 second set win.

The first half of the third set was a close one with the teams ending up being tied at 15-15. Then Pendleton's Shea Lea Lindsey went on a six point run of serve giving the Bucks the 20-15 lead. Pendleton then cruised to the 25-17 third set win.

The fourth and final set was similar to the first with the teams swapping the lead several times until they were tied at 15-15. Then Pendleton slowly pulled away. The Bucks had two short runs of serve by Xayna Robinson and Evangelina Olivera that led to their 25-21 fourth set win and overall 3-1 match win.

LEFT - Hermiston's Andrea Kappleman spikes the ball. [img_3869] RIGHT - Hermiston's McKenzie Byrd blocks a shot at the net. [img_3878]

LEFT - Mikaela Cain-Anderson, Hermisdton's libero, bumps a shot. [img_3882] RIGHT - Hermiston's Andrea Kappleman winds up to take a shot at the net. [img_3896]

LEFT - Mikaela Cain-Anderson of Hermiston serving the ball. [img_3936] RIGHT- Xayna Robinson of Pendleton blocks a shot. [img_3958]

LEFT - Liddy Valle of Hermiston serving the ball. [img_3962] RIGHT - Mikaela Cain-Anderson, Hermiston's libero, gets in position to bump a serve. [img_3970]

LEFT - Xayna Robinson of Pendleton, in the far court, smashes a shot at McKenzie Byrd of Hermiston. [img_4025] RIGHT - Pendleton's Xayna Robinson tips a shot at the net. [img_4039]

LEFT - Pendleton's Amanda Fowler tips a shot at the net. [img_4063] RIGHT - Amanda Fowler of Pendleton, in the near court, tries to tip a shot past Andrea Kappleman and another Hermiston player. [img_4104]

LEFT - McKenzie Byrd of Hermiston, number 7, smashes a shot past Xayna Robinson of Pendleton. [img_4107] RIGHT - Hermiston's McKenzie Byrd smashes a kill over Shea Lea Lindsey of Pendleton. [img_4166]

LEFT - Hermiston's Andrea Kappleman sets a shot at the net. [img_4212] RIGHT - Shelby Sanders of Hermiston, on the left stretches in an attempt to block a shot. [img_4275]

LEFT - Shea Lea Lindsey of Pendleton bumps a shot. [img_4294] RIGHT - Shay Kennison of Hermiston gets ready to serve following encouragement of her teammates. [img_4440]

It was 80s night at the game. Fans including Joanie Lynn Ezell, Jessica Dixon and Allison Harris were decked out in the styles of MTV, Kelly Ripa, Cyndi Lauper and more fun inspirations. [img_7756]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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