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Gabriela Villarreal of Irrigon, number 1 in white, reaches out in an attempt to grab a rebound. [img_8243]

Grant Union Lady Propectors Defeated Irrigon In Basketball

Grant Union won 47-43

Posted Thursday, January 31, 2013

IRRIGON - The Grant Union Lady Prospectors defeated the Irrigon Kngihts coming from behind to win 47-43 on Saturday, December 15, 2012. Irrigon Knights led throughout the first three quarters and most of the fourth only to have Grant Union take the lead with about two minutes to play in the game.

Irrigon led at the end of the first quarter 8-6.

Irrigon had a very good second quarter out scoring Grant Union 12-5. Scoring for Irrigon were Cheyanne Matlack, Sandra Vera, Celina Munoz and Ashli Roberts. Irrigon led 20-11 at halftime.

Grant Union came alive in the third quarter outscoring Irrigon 20-12, cutting the Knights lead to just a point. Knights scoring in the third quarter Karmen Garrett scored eight points, Celina Munoz and Ashli Roberts. Irrigon led at the end of the third by one point, 32-31.

Grant Union outscored Irrigon 13-11 in the fourth quarter. Grant Union had a hot streak where they scored six points in about two minutes while holding Irrigon scoreless. Scoring for Irrigon in the fourth quarter were Cheyanne Matlack, Celina Munoz, Karmen Garrett and Madisyn Cadek. Grant Union won the game by four points, 47-43.

LEFT - Nathalie Campos of Irrigon, in white, lines up to take a shot. [img_8236] RIGHT - Irrigon's Karmen Garrett, in white, drives to the basket for a lay up. [img_8255]

LEFT - Cheyanne Matlack of Irrigon nearly bends over backwards as she reaches to grab a rebound. [img_8352] RIGHT - Irrigon's Ashli Roberts has her eyes on the basket as she moves to get in position to take a shot. [img_8352]

LEFT - Celina Munoz of Irrigon, number 13 in white, takes a shot. [img_8360] RIGHT - Irrigon's Celina Munoz shoots a jump shot from the perimeter. [img_8370]

LEFT - Sandra Vera of Irrigon, in white, goes to the floor to fight for control of a loose ball with two Grant Union defenders. [img_8401] RIGHT- Sandra Vera on the left and Gabriela Villarreal of Irrigon wait to take the court during halftime. [img_8430]

LEFT - Karmen Garrett of Irrigon shoots a jump shot. [img_8450] RIGHT - Irrigon's Celina Munoz takes to the air on her drive to the basket. [img_8469]

LEFT - Irrigon's Ashli Roberts in white comes up on a Grant Union defender. [img_8473] RIGHT - Nathalie Campos of Irrigon takes a shot. [img_8499]

LEFT - Cheyanne Matlack of Irrigon prepares to shoot a free throw. [img_8510] RIGHT - Irrigon's Celina Munoz shoots a jump shot. [img_8523]

Madisyn Cadek of Irrigon shoots a free throw late in the game with Grant Union. Cadek went to the line with 23.5 seconds to play in the game. [img_8571]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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