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Dufur Lady Rangers Defeated Echo In Basketball

Dufur won 50-41

Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ECHO - The Dufur Lady Rangers defeated the Echo Cougars 50-41 on Saturday, December 22, 2012. Top scorer overall was Katelynn Elligsen of Echo with 20 points. Alexa Macias of Dufur had 17 points followed by Taylor Darden with 12 and Sammi Ghramm with 10.

Picking up action in the second quarter Dufur led 11-6 at the 5:50 mark. Katelynn Eligsen scored on a freethrow and spinning drive to the basket. Kelsey Ranger and Elizabeth McCarty both scored late in the quarter. Dufur led at halftime 22-15.

Dufur outscored Echo 14-10 in the third quarter. Scoring for Dufur were Sammi Ghramm, Teneille McDonald, Taylor Darden and Aimeelyn Miller. Echo's scoring in the third period came from Katelynn Elligsen and Ashley Chandler. Dufur led at the end of the third 36-25.

Echo outscored Dufur in the fourth quarter 16-14. Cougars scoring in the fourth included Evangalyn Marcum, Katelynn Elligsen, Hayden Tarvin and Lesley Ibarra. Dufur players scoring included Taylor Darden, Alexa Macias and Hannah Harris. Dufur won the game 50-41.

LEFT - Katelynn Elligsen of Echo, number 12 in white, eyes the Dufur defense. [img_9206] RIGHT - Echo's Evangalyn Marcum, number 21 in white, reacts to get to the ball. [img_9212]

LEFT - Elizabeth McCarty and Katelynn Elligsen of Echo double team Teneille McDonald number 14 of Dufur in red. [img_9262] RIGHT - Echo's Katelynn Elligsen, number 12 in white, drives to the basket. [img_9304]

LEFT - Katelynn Elligsen of Echo, in white, battles two Dufur defenders for a rebound. [img_9306] RIGHT - Echo's Evangalyn Marcum brings the ball up the court. [img_9314]

LEFT - Evangalyn Marcum of Echo, in white, drives to the basket being defended by Alexa Macias of Dufur. [img_9315] RIGHT- Echo's Katelynn Elligsen, in white, drives to the basket for a lay up. [img_9343]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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