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Fredy Vera of Irrigon shoots a free throw during the game with Pilot Rock on Friday, February 14, 2014. [img_5201]

Irrigon Knights Defeated Pilot Rock Rockets in Basketball

Irrigon won 86-34

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IRRIGON - The Irrigon Knights defeated the Pilot Rock Rockets 86-34 on Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, 2014. It was also senior night for students involved in winter activities. For a photo report on the senior activities click here. The Knights played with a fluidity, quickness, quick reaction to Pilot Rock's plays. Irrigon out scored Pilot Rock every period of the game.

The snow had rapidly disappeared earlier in the week. Now the evening was slightly overcast with the moon trying to shine through the wispy clouds floating over head.

The Knights came out of the blocks at the start of the first period like Usain Bolt. Adrian Romero hit back to back treys to give Irrigon the 6-0 lead in the first minute of play. Levi Pendergraft then hit a jumper for the Rockets. The Anthony Landeros hit two straight treys for the Knights giving Irrigon the 12-2 lead in less than two minutes of play. That was just the start for the Knights that went on to score 24 more points in the first period. Romero hit another trey as the Knights dominated the rest of the first period. Other Knights scoring in the first period included Ernesto Aguilera, Ryan Reynolds, Eric Vera, AJ Timpy and ZAch Rice. Irrigon led by 26 points at the end of the period, 36-10.

After scoring as many points in the first period as some games have as a final the Knights didn't let up in the second period out scoring Pilot Rock 23-11 in the second period. Knights scoring in the second period included Fredy Vera, Zach Rice, Adrian Romero, Hayden White, and Anthony Landeros. Irrigon's fluid and athletic play led to a 38 point lead at halftime, 59-21.

Scoring slowed a little in the third period with Irrigon out scoring Pilot Rock 15-4. Adrian Romero hit two treys again. Other Knights scoring included Anthony Landeros, Hayden White and Nathan Verley. Irrigon led by 49 points at the end of the third with a score of 74-25.

Irrigon once again out scored Pilot Rock 12-9 in the fourth period. Knights scoring in the fourth included Ryan Perrin, AJ Timpy, Jordan Cook and Zach Rice. Irrigon won by 52 points, 86-34.

Irrigon's Anthony Landeros shoots a jump shot. LEFT [img_2647] - RIGHT [img_2648]

LEFT - Irrigon's Adrian Romero, number 1 in white, works his way along the baseline to make a shot. [img_2650] RIGHT - Irrigon's Anthony Landeros, number 11 in white, moves to the basket. [img_2663]

Anthony Landeros of Irrigon drives to the basket. LEFT [img_2665] - RIGHT [img_2666]

Adrian Romero of Irrigon, in white, looks at the basket then drives for the lay up. LEFT [img_2672] - RIGHT [img_2673]

LEFT - Irrigon's AJ Timpy drives to the basket. [img_2691] RIGHT - Adrian Romero of Irrigon shoots a short jump shot. [img_2720]

LEFT - Irrigon's Zach Rice, number 21 in white, shoots a jump shot. [img_2725] RIGHT - Hayden White of Irrigon drives to the basket. [img_2730]

LEFT - Adrian Rovero of Irrigon takes a shot. [img_2743] RIGHT - Eric Vera, Adrian Romero and Ryan Perrin of Irrigon take a moment's breather while setting up for an inbound pass. [img_2757]

LEFT - Nathan Verley of Irrigon shoots a free throw. [img_2788] RIGHT - Nathan Verley of Irrigon drives to the basket. [img_2792]

LEFT - Zach Rice of Irrigon brings the ball up the court. [img_2814] RIGHT - Adrian Romero of Irrigon, number 1, drives to the basket for a score. [img_5118]

LEFT - The Irrigon cheerleaders perpare to leave for a competition. They ended up coming in third place. [img_5126] RIGHT - Anthony Landeros of Irrigon drives to the basket. [img_5170]

Eric Vera of Irrigon, in white, takes a shot while being guarded by Dillon Fritz of Pilot Rock. [img_5178]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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