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Echo Lady Cougars Defeated South Wasco County In Basketball

Echo won 39-15

Posted Thursday, February 27, 2014

HERMISTON - The Echo Lady Cougars defeated the South Wasco County Redsides 39-15 in the Big Sky Conference tournament on Thursday, February 20, 2014. It was a very low scoring with the Redsides only scoring four points in the entire first half. Echo picked up the pace in the second period scoring 15 points while SWC went scoreless for eight minutes. The top scored overall was Kylie King of Echo with 16 points. The next highest scorers were Kaci Kamm and Elizabeth McCarthy also of Echo with six and Molly Foreaker of SWC with five points. Echo hit 33% of their shots and South Wasco hit 21% of theirs.

Echo scored first to start the game when Kelsey Ranger stole the ball and scored on a lay up. It was nearly four minutes later when Kelsey Ranger scored off a rebound. South Wasco County finally got on the board with less than two minutes to go in the first period. Joy Kelly scored for SWC on a lay up with 1:49 to go. Zoe MOrelli then scored on a jump shot with only 30 seconds to go in the first period. The teams were tied at 4-4.

Echo had a fairly normal second period scoring 15 points. South Wasco County on the other hand went scoreless for the second period. Echo players scoring in the second period included Lesley Ibarra, Kelsey Ranger, Kaci Kamm, Elizabeth McCarty and Kylie King. Echo led by 15 points at halftime, 19-4.

Scoring slowed in the third period with SWC out scoring Echo 6-3. Scoring for the Redsides included Molly Foreaker and Sonya Schmitz. The Echo player scoring in the third was Elizabeth McCarty. Echo led by 12 at the end of the third period, 22-10.

Echo out scored South Wasco County 17-5 in the fourth period. Echo's Kylie King went on an 11 point scoring run in the fourth. King scored 10 points of those in the first two minutes of the fourth. Other Cougars scoring in the fourth included Hayden Tarvin, Elizabeth McCarty and Hannah McCarty. Echo won by 24 points, 39-15.

Lesley Ibarra of Echo, in white, guards a South Wasco County player. LEFT [img_3318] - RIGHT [img_3319]

LEFT - Kelsey Ranger of Echo, number 4 in white, guards Joy Kelly of the Redsides. [img_3320] RIGHT - Kaci Kamm of Echo, in white, drives to the basket. [img_3336]

LEFT - Kaci Kamm of Echo shoots a short jump shot. [img_3378] RIGHT - Kelsey Ranger of Echo shoots a jump shot. [img_3380]

LEFT - Lesley Ibarra of Echo, number 3 in white, takes a shot. [img_3393] RIGHT- Echo's Lesley Ibarra, in white, takes to the air on a drive to the basket. [img_3398]

LEFT - Hayden Tarvin of Echo, number 5 in white, drives to the basket. [img_3402] RIGHT - Kaci Kamm of Echo shoots a free throw. [img_3432]

LEFT - Kaci Kamm of Echo, in white, eyes the basket as two Redside defenders move towards her. [img_3448] RIGHT - Echo's Bailey Srofe, number 22 in white, races to the basket. [img_3467]

LEFT - Peggy Espeland of South Wasco County, in green, tries to break up a shot by Bailey Srofe of Echo. [img_3468] RIGHT - An Echo player brings the ball up the court. [img_3472]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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