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Hermiston 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Day 1 Saturday July 19, 2014

Posted Thursday, July 24, 2014

HERMISTON - The first day of the Hermiston 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament took place on a sunny warm day. The temperature made it up to 95 degrees in mid afternoon. There were several new hoops that shrunk the space between courts to about four feet from the old style ten feet between hoops. Here are some photos from the action that took place on Saturday July 19, 2014.

LEFT - Nice jump shot. [img_9322] RIGHT - There were brackets for children, youth, high school and adults including coed teams. However there didn't appear to an adult women's bracket. [img_9328]

LEFT - A lot of the play is about driving to the basket. [img_9342] RIGHT - Hermiston grad Jeni Hoffert drives to the basket for a lay up during action on Saturday afternoon. [img_9433]

LEFT - The tourney had some new hoops that cut the amount of space between the courts by about eight feet from the old hoops. [img_9531] RIGHT - This little guy has a few years to go before competing but has a lot of enthusiasm and a winning smile. [img_9542]

LEFT - A lot of adult games took place at the "center court" near the old sites of Sherrell Chevrolet and Bank of America. [img_9567] RIGHT- There was a lot of defense in the games played on Saturday. [img_9571]

LEFT - Sometimes the defenders were caught flat footed. [img_9607] RIGHT - Adult women didn't have a division of their own so they joined coed teams which meant that they had to step up to challenge the men on switches. [img_9640]

LEFT - Jeni Hoffert of Hermiston looks for an opening. [img_9659] RIGHT - Kelsey Hill shoots a long jump shot while being double teamed. [img_9668]

LEFT - Marc Montez of Umatilla shoots a jumper. [img_9674] RIGHT - Marc Montez, in grey, has the ball knocked out of his hands while taking a shot. [img_9690]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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