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The Hermiston homecoming court discovers who is chosen as homecoming queen while fireworks go off on the west side of the stadium. Mackenzie Juul and Dylan Caldwell were chosen as queen and king of homecoming. [img_11145]

Hermiston Bulldogs Homecoming Halftime Celebration 2014

Friday October 17, 2014

Posted Monday, October 27, 2014

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs celebrated homecoming 2014 at halftime of the game with The Dalles Riverhawks on Friday, October 17, 2014.

The underclass homecoming court was made up of:
Maddy Juul and Joey Gutierrez

Makenzie Allison Lind and Brady McKay Christiansen

Cassandra Pinto and Austin Lee Naillon

The three senior couples were
Noa Ena and Cory James Adams
Bobbi Hofbauer and Landon Gammell
Mackenzie Juul and Dylan Caldwell

The three underclass couples entered first with the freshmen leading the way. The senior princesses then entered and were situated behind their respective boxes. Then the three senior princesses took the sharp sticks with their prince's photo attached and stabbed into the boxes to discover who the queen and king were. At first it seemed like balloons rose from all the boxes then it became apparent that Mackenzie Juul's balloons were blue while the others were white. The blue balloons signified that Mackenzie Juul and Dylan Caldwell were the queen and king of homecoming.

Moments after the balloons rose into the night sky fireworks began filling the western sky.

LEFT - Hermiston's marching band performed before the arrival of the homecoming court. [img_2502] RIGHT - Freshman couple Maddy Juul and Joey Gutierrez make their entrance. [img_2519]

LEFT - Maddy Juul smiles to the crowd as she takes her place awaiting the arrival of the other couples. [img_2537] RIGHT - Sophomore couple Makenzie Allison Lind and Brady McKay Christiansen make their entry. [img_2537]

LEFT - Junior couple Cassandra Pinto and Austin Lee Naillon make their entry. [img_2569] RIGHT - The underclass couples acknowledge the crowd and await the entry of the senior class couples. [img_2594]

Senior princess Bobbi Hofbauer is escorted into the stadium. LEFT [img_2602] - RIGHT [img_2611]

LEFT - Mackenzie Juul makes her way to join the others gathered on the track. [img_2624] RIGHT - Mackenzie Juul and her escort acknowledge the crowd. [img_2644]

LEFT - Noa Ena is escorted to mid track. [img_2656] RIGHT - Noa Ena gets a big hug as she acknowledges the crowd. [img_2695]

LEFT - The senior princesses use the "princes' photo swords" to stab the boxes containing the balloons that will indicate who the winning couple is. [img_11117] RIGHT - Blue balloons signify the winning couple as Mackenzie Juul and Dylan Caldwell. [img_11130]

LEFT - The senior homecoming queen Mackenzie Juul, in the middle, is flanked by Bobbi Hofbauer and Noa Ena. [img_11181] RIGHT - Junior princess Cassandra Pinto is all smiles as family and friends join the court on the track. [img_11203]

LEFT - Brady McKay Christiansen and Makenzie Allison Lind pose for photos after the ceremony. [img_11206] RIGHT - Makenzie Allison Lind and Brady McKay Christiansen look at photos on a smart phone. [img_11243]

Members of the homecoming court and others watch the fireworks show that closed out halftime. [img_11251]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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