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Hermiston Bulldogs Defeated Pendleton Bucks in Football

Friday October 31, 2014
Hermiston won 63-14

Posted Saturday, December 6, 2014

HERMISTON - The Hermiston Bulldogs crushed the Pendleton Bucks 63-14 in the last regular season game of the year on Friday October 31, 2014. The temperature was 55 degrees with a breeze. It was senior night.

The first quarter was a high scoring 12 minutes of action with as many points being scored as in some entire games. Hermiston had a 34-14 lead at the end of the first quarter. It was like football played at NASCAR speeds.

Hermiston scored 15 more points in the second quarter. Two of those points came when Pendleton was in punt formation with a 4th and 13 on their own 30 yard line. The snap went over the head of the punter and through the end zone for a two point safety.

Hermiston led 49-14 at halftime. The score getting close to the point where the game clock runs continuously except for time outs or injuries.

Senior members of the band, color guard and cheerleaders were recognized during a ceremony conducted during halftime.

Hermiston took the opening second half kick off and took four plays to score a touchdown in the first minute of the third quarter. About a minute later Hermiston scored on the first play following a Bucks punt being defleced. Samuel Colbray ran 25 yards up the middle to score the touchdown. With the PAT that gave Hermiston the 63-14 lead. That gave Hermiston the 49 point lead which meant that the game clock started running continuously.

Hermiston led 63-14 at the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter went by so fast the teams only possessed the ball twice. Pendleton had one long drive that ended in downs. Hermiston had a short two play possession that ended in a fumble recovered by the Bucks. Hermiston then had a long drive that went over to the Bucks on downs. Pendleton had one play and then time ran out.

Hermiston won the game 63-14.

LEFT - Hermiston's Ethan Snow, number 1 in black, takes off running. [img_6002] RIGHT - In a slightly blurry shot a speeding Carson Morter makes a catch for a big gain for the Dawgs that helped to set up a touchdown. [img_6093]

LEFT - Hermiston's Samuel Colbrey, number 25 in black, takes off on a touchdown run. [img_6113] RIGHT - Luis Medina of Hermiston kicks off. [img_6151]

LEFT - Samuel Colbray blows past Buck defenders to score another touchdown for the Bulldogs. [img_6190] RIGHT - Hermiston teammates congratulate Colbray on the touchdown. [img_6201]

LEFT - Samuel Colbray turns to the referee to give him the ball. [img_6203] RIGHT- A Pendleton player, in white, dives in an attempt to catch a pass. [img_6231]

Cory Adams of Hermiston, number 21 in black, running with the ball. [img_6235]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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