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Umatilla Lady Vikings Defeated Stanfield Tigers in Basketball

Tuesday January 19, 2016
Umatilla won 34-28

Posted Friday, February 5, 2016

STANFIELD - The Umatilla Lady Vikings defeated the Stanfield Tigers 34-28 on Tuesday January 19, 2016. It was an evening where the rain fell steadily

Picking up action early in the third quarter. Stanfield led by seven points 18-11 with about seven minutes to go in the third quarter. Umatilla outscored the Tigers 12-5 during the third period. Vikings scoring in the third quarter included Aleesha Watson, Mari Paz, Sidney Webb and Courtney Dohman. Tigers scoring in the third quarter included Melissa Banderas, Guitzell Chavez and Natalia Esquivel. The teams were tied 23-23 at the end of the third quarter.

The Lady Vikings continued to roll in the fourth quarter out scoring the Tigers 11-5. Vikings scoring in the fourth included Taija Coffey, Aleesha Watson, Gaby Contreras and Sidney Webb. Tigers scoring in the fourth quarter included Guitzell Chavez, Brittin raithwaite and Natalia Esquivel. Umatilla won the game 34-28.

LEFT - Players from Umatilla, in blue and Stanfield battle for a rebound below the basket. [img_7374] RIGHT - Cynthia Curiel of Stanfield, number 3 in white, drives towards the basket being guarded by Courney Dohman of Umatilla. [img_7395]

LEFT - Natalia Esquivel of Stanfield, number 24 in white, attempts to drive to the basket being gaurded by Gabby Lemus of Umatilla. [img_7434] RIGHT - Natalia Esquivel of Stanfield prepares to shoot a freethrow. [img_7455]

LEFT - A Stanfield player drives along the baseline towards the basket. [img_7505] RIGHT - Guitzell Chavez of Stanfield shoots a freethrow. [img_7514]

LEFT - A Stanfield players attempts to squeeze between Taija Coffey on the left and Aleesha Watson on the right. [img_7545] RIGHT - Yazzmin Chavez of Stanfield, number 23 in white, attempts a trey. [img_7575]

LEFT - Guitzell Chavez of Stanfield, number 21 in white, brings the ball into the Umatilla court. [img_7580] RIGHT - Brittin Braithwaite of Stanfield, number 32 in white, drives to the basket being defended by Aleesha Watson of Umatilla. [img_7584]

Taija Coffey of Umatilla, number 5 in blue, and Cynthia Curiel of Stanfield move into position to grab a rebound. [img_7633]

Photos by Terry Aichele

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